You deserve lush, green turf all year round.

synthetic turf grass installation artificial lawn perth waThe Artificial Grass Company is a Perth based business that specializes in synthetic turf installation.

Working under the guidance and direction of Owner/Operator Jesse, our installation team work to the highest standard to meet your expectations. As owner of the business, Jesse understands the importance of offering a quality product and providing premium service, so you will have peace of mind, knowing that Jesse will be involved in every artificial lawn Perth installation project, to ensure The Artificial Grass Company’s performance standards are maintained.

Whether you have an existing garden that needs a facelift, or you are starting out from scratch at a new property, Jesse will be able to help you design your ideal landscape using products designed to withstand that harsh Australian sun.

To obtain a no obligation, free quote, we will come out to the property to view the site, and show you samples of the synthetic turf we use and discuss the best product for you.

All of our artificial grass comes with a 7 year manufacturers warranty.

Synthetic Turf & Artificial Lawn Perth, WA

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What are the steps to installing Artificial Grass?

Once you have chosen which grass you would like to have installed at your property from our sample pieces, we will then schedule an installation date. On average the installation process will take just one day for a regular residential property. The steps involved in the installation are as follows:

  • Digging

    We will dig out your existing grass or ground

  • Compacting

    Once we have the area dug out, we will compact and level the existing sand

  • Base

    When level, we will introduce the thick layer of cracker dust or road base. We prepare this base to at least 60mm thick, which is a lot thicker than our competitors, but we do this to ensure a quality finish as this base will ensure your turf won’t dip or sink over time.

  • Edging

    We then install any edging that has been requested, such as aluminum or limestone.

  • Leveling

    Again we will compact the base and ensure it is level.

  • Cutting

    At this stage we will lay the grass which will involve cutting in and pinning the grass.

  • Topping

    Our last step is to apply the white silica sand on top.

Why use white silica sand on top of the artificial grass?

White silica sand is a naturally occurring product that can naturally reflect heat and reduce the temperature of your grass even in the Perth heat. This sand also gives the grass weight and helps the strands stand up which gives your Perth artificial lawn the lush appearance.

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