Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Artificial Grass?

Our Australian-made artificial grass will save you time, money and water. With the water restrictions as they have been lately, natural grass is becoming progressively harder to take care of. We install artificial grass that you will love the look of almost as much as you love the ease. It is specifically made for Australia’s harsh climate comes with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty of 7 years.

How is the Artificial Grass secured down?

Once laid on your property, our grass is in-filled with sand. This adds significant weight, preventing any movement. It can also be glued directly to the base, pinned around the edges, or nailed into H4-treated timber depending on the type of installation.


Can you park cars on Artificial Grass?

Within reason, yes, but you need to increase the stability of the base under the grass by building it approximately 100mm deep and using a larger aggregate for the majority of the base. Please feel free to discuss your parking requirements in further detail with one of our staff.

How long will Artificial Grass last?

All of our products are manufactured in Australia, to Australian standards, and come with a 7 year guarantee. However, with the correct installation and maintenance, your lawn will be beautiful for much longer.

Can I install Artificial Grass myself?


Do I need to maintain Artficial Grass?

Very little maintenance is required. Just sweep off any leaves or gently use a leaf blower. You can hose off any spills or pet messes. Pet solids, you scoop up in the traditional way. To lift the fibres just use a broom to sweep in the opposite direction to your view point.

Visit our Maintenance section for tips and ideas

How much does Artificial Grass cost?

Our artificial grass prices are realistic and competitive. Depending on the size of the area and the type of grass you choose the price can vary.
Not only is the price of Artificial Grass reasonable, you will see a return on your investment within 4 years.
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Can I choose my colour and Length of Artficial Grass?

Does Artificial Grass heat up in the sun?

Can water drain through the Artificial Grass?

Is Artificial Grass safe for children and pets?


We guarantee that our turf is free from heavy metals and toxic chemicals. We wouldn’t supply a product that we weren’t personally happy to use for our own families and much loved pets. The design and installation of our artificial grass means that it complies with “soft fall” requirements around play equipment or areas where kids run. As a result, our artificial grass surface is often safer  than traditional play surfaces.