lawn maintenance perth wa fake turf perth artificial grass prices australiaAll our grass comes with a 7 year manufacturers warrantee to survive the harsh UV rays and to resist fading from the Australian sun.

The maintenance requirements of artificial grass is incredibly low, but there are small things you can do to keep your grass looking tip top.

If you have pets and they leave a present on the artificial turf, cleaning is simple, you can simply scoop the droppings and then just hose down the patch to remove any last traces.

After some time, you may wish to top up the silica sand as this will plump up the silica base which will push up the blades and make the grass look thicker and more lush.

For more information and tips about maintaining your artificial lawn, please don’t hesitate to call us on: 0476 290 713.

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Maintenance Tips

  • Dirt, dust and pollen

    Rainfall is the best faux turf cleanser, as well as the cheapest! However, if you live in an area where rain is a rarity, a quick spray with a water hose can eliminate dust or pollen that may be present. For lightly soiled areas, a basic mixture of warm water with a 5% solution of a mild household detergent can work wonders! Simply sponge mop the affected spot and then rinse.

  • Removing Stains

    You can quickly remove most stains or marks on your lawn by using hot tap water if some washing-up liquid mixed in. For more tough oil marks, you can easily remove them using mineral spirits and a cloth. Animal mess should be removed from your lawn, and you can wash the area down with water if needed.

  • Animal and Pet Waste

    Even if you remove animal waste promptly, the area can still smell. Your lawn should be rinsed if you haven’t had recent rain. White vinegar mixed with an equal amount of water can remove the stench. Pet odours can vary due to the animal’s diet and there’s no single right way to tackle this so we encourage you to use what works for you and your pets.

  • Tree Sap

    Tree sap can be removed via freezing. Aerosol packs of refrigerant are available from the majority of carpet cleaning suppliers, or dry ice can be used instead. After freezing, carefully scrape the offending substance away with a knife.

  • Rake the Grass

    Raking the synthetic fibres redistributes them so the blades are more balanced. Doing this will help the grass to wear evenly so it lasts longer and you can at the same time search for weeds.

    Weeds can sometimes poke through the synthetic grass. Use any mild weed killer but make sure it’s not too potent as this could damage the lawn fibres over time. If you only find a few weeds, consider pulling them out rather than using weed killers. It’s better for the environment and will also save you a few dollars.

  • Kill mould and bacteria

    Bacteria isn’t commonly found in artificial grass if it’s maintained properly because it won’t have anything to feed off. But if you do suspect there’s bacteria on your lawn, use a mixture of vinegar and water to kill it.

  • Prevent burns

    Cigarette burns and smouldering charcoal can damage the synthetic lawn. To prevent this, avoid smoking or cooking on the grill on an artificial lawn. That’s what your deck or verandah is for! Fortunately, our artificial grass is fire resistant so while the fibres may melt, there will be no flames.

  • Have the Right Equipment

    It doesn’t take much to care for Artificial Grass. If you have a leaf blower, a rake and a hose you have all the tools you need.